Technology is evolving and in a very short time,

We witnessed a lot of new and advance things that came and evolved and are still evolving, we are now surrounded by hundreds of advance things that are capable of doing things that normal human brain can’t do. In the world of entertainment, we now have much better options of playing a game and also earning from it, yeah, I’m talking about crypto games


Working of blockchain:

We have now a network of blocks which is connected with each other like a chain and which is specially designed to increase the transparency of any system with no central authorities whilst giving the power of running the system to every block in the network and this whole structure is known as blockchain. Blockchain is one of the most advanced as well as awesome technology world has ever witnessed and in the coming future, we will be easily seeing these kinds of technologies getting used in every sector.

The crypto currency world is the first thing that successfully showed the world that how effective this system is and we can now see several crypto currencies and crypto games coming out every year with each having its own use case but there is also a bitter truth here that in the crowd of so many cryptos, half of the cryptos released in a year are either a meme coin which were made for fun and have no real use case or half of them were made with a use case but didn’t execute their plans as they were supposed to do.


Every coin is different:

There are very few coins out there which really are of use and are growing because they executed their plans fast and made things clear. Many cryptos work on different system like some work on proof of stake whereas some work on proof of work with both of them having their own pros and cons. Each of the coin that one particular platform launches derives its value from the trading volume and the use of its blockchain.

Always keep in mind that,

·         People store their crypto currency in virtual wallets which are password protected and these wallets also provide several other security verifications to keep one’s cryptos safe cause these are the stuffs which can gain good value thus making it valuable and hackers always try to hack and steal such currencies.

·         Most of the crypto gaming platforms have their own crypto currency and as the demand of the game increases then the value of that currency also increases.


Huge benefits of these crypto rewards:

When you earn a crypto in a game then you can trade that coin on exchanges or you can swap the coin with any other coin, there are huge number of benefits you can have when playing crypto games and what I mentioned in the above lines are few of them benefits.


I must say that,

Always do your own set of research when choosing sites to play games using the crypto coins, don’t deposit your coins anywhere without even checking the authenticity and choose websites like which are certified by iTech labs.