How to get rid of smell and stains on plastic boxes, paper boxes and foam boxes

Plastic box packaging that we popularly put into food Especially if ready with a lid. It’s even more convenient. because there will be no worries about the disturbing smell in the refrigerator and maintain the freshness of the food as well.

But the problem of smell and stains that is firmly embedded in the plastic box It is something that bothers us quite a bit. because of both the smell and the stain how to clean the smell did not go away at all.

If you have these problems Let’s, try to follow the methods below.

Eliminating odors on plastic boxes

If you try to get rid of the smell attached to the plastic box, I’ve tried many methods and it doesn’t work. To dissolve 4 teaspoons of baking soda with warm water. one-to-four-gallon portions in a basin

Then take the smelly plastic box. Let it soak for about 30-45 minutes or until the bad smell disappears.

After that, the box can be cleaned normally. But if you try and the smell is still not gone to crumple the newspaper paper into lumps. put into the box then close the lid tightly Leave it for 1-2 days.

After that, wash with dishwashing liquid and hot water, followed by rinsing with plain water. until confident that the dishwashing liquid stains no more left in the box then bring a dry cloth to wipe Open the lid and let it air dry. The annoying stench will eventually go away.

Removing stains from plastic boxes

Stubborn stains that are difficult to remove It also makes the food box cute. Ours must be dull It is recommended to mix 1 tablespoon of chlorine with warm water enough to soak the entire plastic box. Or enough to pour in a plastic box full of boxes.

In the part of the lid of the box that has ingrained stains then turn the lid upside down in the sink Pour chlorinated water into it to fill it up. Leave it for about 30 minutes, then bring the box and lid. come wash with soap and hot water again until the box is clean. Finally, take a clean dry cloth. Come to wipe the dirt off.

In the packaging that is a paper box that comes with buying shoes or various paper crates that we put If you want to clean Take the paper box out of the house. Knock out all the dust and crumbs.

Finally, take a dry cloth to wipe again. If there is still an unpleasant smell Put the paper box to dry in the sun. Between noon and afternoon, it will help get rid of the bad smell.

But if that stench from rat urine or cockroaches That cardboard box should be discarded. to prevent infection and prevented by bringing mothballs to put in a box to prevent various insects interfere with

Finally, for packaging made from foam Such as foam boxes for soaking seafood, ice, drinks, can use cleaning methods. as well as plastic boxes.

Only the use of the equipment in the polishing Use a soft sponge. to prevent damage to the foam box. As such, various packaging ours will be clean free from odor so that we can use it next time with peace of mind.

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