Promotional Key Rings – Everyone Loves Free Gifts

Everyone loves a “freebie”- which makes promotional key rings a great item for businesses of all sizes to give out to potential and existing customer and clients. These types of key rings have various benefits over other promotional items, and are completely customizable with your business’ name, contact information, telephone, address, website or URL, slogan, logo and more. Having something with your business information on it is a good way for you to keep your business’ name right at the fingertips of those people who can make you more profitable – consumers.


For the money, promotional rings are an excellent value. custom keychains You can purchase them in bulk lots of several hundred or several thousand at a time – at a rate of just a few cents on the dollar. As a general rule, the more you buy, the less each ring will cost per piece. If you plan to advertise using the same slogan and information for a number of months (or years) – then buying a bulk order at once is a good idea.

Well-Received Item

Unlike some freebies that are basically tossed into the trash upon receipt, promotional key rings are useful. Everyone has keys, and many people actually collect key rings. An attractive or unique one given as a promotional freebie is well-received and will find a use in the new owner’s hands almost immediately, putting your business’ name and phone number in a handy spot where the recipient will be able to refer to quickly in order to contact you.

Where to Distribute

There are a number of ways that you can distribute your customized and personalized rings. The most obvious distribution point is at your place of business to customers and clients that come into the business. You might also consider giving them freebie gifts at trade shows, conferences, and other professional venues. If your business is solely online, or even partially online, you can offer a promotional freebie to those people who subscribe to your website’s mailing list – which is a good way to entice potential clients and customers to give you their mailing address and email address.

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